Sarah Patton


Faculty Member Sarah Patton Covington Classical Academy


  • College of Wooster, B.A. History
  • College of William and Mary, J.D. Marshall Wythe School of Law
  • Thomas More University, M.A. Teaching

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want my students to be confident in presenting their ideas to others, whether that be to an individual or a crowd of thousands. When students feel confident not only in their ideas but their ability to communicate successfully to others, they gain the ability to be successful in all their endeavors and to be leaders of others.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

Practice. Support. Understand. Create. (And More Practice).

Practice. The Oratory curriculum begins with the first week of school in the 8th grade and continues through graduation. During that time, students will have weekly opportunities to make an oral presentation to their classmates. Support. Some of these presentations are very short, but the regularity of presentation and supportive feedback builds comfort and confidence. Understand. Students will study the history of various forms of public communication and be able to take skills and understanding to incorporate into their own presentations. Create. Throughout the curriculum, students will also have opportunities to write and present their own work, culminating in a persuasive speech presented and recorded in the format of a TED talk.

My Favorite Projects

In Oratory, students learn the mechanics of what makes for effective public speaking and get a chance to practice these skills when presenting memorized passages, including speeches, stories, plays, and poetry. I will also give them the opportunity to put these skills into practice creating and presenting their own original work. Watching them learn to express themselves in their own unique way is one of my favorite parts of teaching.

Why I like best about teaching

Having spent the first part of my professional life dealing with adults and their problems, it is a joy to work with students and help them make a connection with learning and develop skills that will make them connected and concerned adults. Watching students think, learn, and grow is rewarding and exciting every day.