Andrew J. Barczak


Faculty Member Andrew Barczak Covington Classical Academy


  • Northern Kentucky University, Bachelor of Arts, Social Studies
  • Northern Kentucky University, Master of Arts, Secondary Education
  • Xavier University, Administrative Certification
  • University of Louisville, McConnell Center – Teacher Scholars Program

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want students to be curious. I want them to understand people, events, and time periods from the past that help determine the society/culture they live in now. Knowing the foundation will help students to grow and build their knowledge of why things are what they are. I want students to know history is constantly evolving and growing over time.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

Teaching in and leading multiple schools have allowed me to see first hand what good, quality teaching is. Time and time again, I find working with original documents, inquiry, and discussion to produce fruitful learning and training of the mind. Both small and large group discussions allow for more integration of knowledge into the learning process. Collaboration with other departments is essential in connecting information together. The hunger to want to know grows as well.

My Favorite Projects

History days are set-aside days when a student applies knowledge learned in the classroom to activities, competitions, food, projects, costumes, etc. experiences on that day. History comes alive for them as they enter into that world.

Why I love teaching

I love seeing the “ah ha” moment — when it all clicks and makes sense to them. I love seeing that my passion for history rubs off on them and see it as vital to their growth as individuals. They come to know themselves as learning, young adults. When they can see how history plays a part in their life, then I know I have inspired real, significant growth within each of them!