Max DeBoer

Algebra I

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  • University of Kentucky – Education(K-8 & Gifted)
  • Northern Kentucky University – MA in Education
  • University of Findlay – Masters in ESL

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher I view my position as a guide and example for my  students. Education is the best tool for students to develop discipline and logical, accurate thinking skills and habits. Language skills are essential for success. And like any language, mathematics is a language that develops the foundation for higher level thinking. It is a precise language and a rigorous component for a student’s growth. 

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I believe that it is important for me as that guide to get to know my students. It will help me understand how each student learns and how I can teach to their strengths. 

Why I love teaching

I am a lifelong learner and love learning. Classical education is the best way to achieve a well-rounded individual with an academic background with the skills to communicate in this world that goes beyond the texting language of mere letters.