Early Entry

Covington Classical Academy allows curious students who have graduated fifth, sixth or seventh grade an opportunity for early entry into high school.

The traditional education system bases curriculum content on age and not on ability or interest. Because of this, many students in middle school are ready for a high school education, but are held back and feel bored, left out, or left behind. This is a known phenomenon in education, described well by Reed Larson and Maryse Richards in the American Journal of Education (Boredom in the middle school years; Blaming schools versus blaming students).

Covington Classical Academy brings these like-minded students together and allows them to learn at the pace they are ready for.

While many parents realize that their middle school student is ready for more, they are concerned about what a 16 or 17 year old will do after graduation. While some students will be ready for early entry to college, others can take advantage of Covington Classical Academy's Fifth Year Program. This post graduate program provides four days of experiential learning and one day of academics, exactly the inverse of their high school experience. You can read more here. And top colleges actually prefer that students take a Fifth Year before enrolling!

Source: Larson, R.W., & Richards, M.H. (1991, Aug). Boredom in the middle school years: Blaming schools versus blaming students. American Journal of Education, 99(4), 418-443.