Joseph Gray


Faculty Member Joseph Gray Covington Classical Academy


  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Biology
  • Miami University, M.A. Teaching Science
  • 2013-2014 Sigma Xi Outstanding Science/Mathematics Teacher Award for Greater Cincinnati

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want my students to be able to think independently. Over the years, I have developed a multi-pronged approach to my teaching. I like to instill a love of science in my students through experiencing the joy of discovery. I have focused on hands-on science, specifically inquiry-based learning (click on the hyperlink for an example of inquiry-based learning). I try to use a variety of presentation techniques to get across the content in the most interesting manner possible. Lectures are usually accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, numerous videos and even games in order to appeal to different learning styles.

I want my students to have a strong work ethic. As an extension of the academic expectations placed by our parents in their homes we expect our students to “be all that they can be.” It is expected that students will conduct themselves with common courtesy, good manners and integrity in the school. Students are expected to apply their best to all tests, assignments and projects in order to develop a strong sense of work ethic. In return, I offer a wide variety of opportunities for assessment so that students of varying abilities have the chance to succeed with the application of their best effort.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

Science is meant to be hands-on

I try to see to it that students have numerous laboratory and other types of activities to see the actual application of what they have learned in lecture and written about in assignments. Typically, students participate in hands-on activities once each week.

The classroom also presents limited opportunities to see science. Consequently, there will be field trips throughout the year to expand the students’ science horizons.

Long live David Attenborough!

My Favorite Projects

Field trips! The outdoor classroom IS the place to learn.

Why I love teaching

I love seeing that “lightbulb” of discovery turn on in each student. The excitement that students have when they see how much fun science can be is what makes me want to teach even more!