Sam Thompson

Advanced Chemistry

Board Member Sam Thompson Covington Classical Academy


  • Thomas More College (University) 1996-2000 B.S. Chemistry
  • University of CIncinnati 2000-2002
  • M.S. Chemistry with a focus on Organic Synthesis

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in presenting material in a classical, thought provoking manner so that it is not only relatable to practical life, but it keeps students engaged and interested in the subject. I believe the lessons of and practical experience learned in lecture and in hands on labs can absolutely be brought out into the real world to provide students with different perspectives on a wide range of topics- namely science, math, and critical thinking. Students will leave my class with skills they will use everyday.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

Presenting new topics from an inquiry based perspective, students learn to solve problems on their own. By leading students to that “Ah ah!” moment, where they see the value in the subject, and truly understand the topic, the material is more relatable and memorable for them. 

Why I love teaching

I have been blessed with so many good teachers over the years. They have taught me that the details do matter when learning a subject, and while the details may get fuzzy over a lifetime, the lessons and work ethic behind getting through said lessons, are the real life takeaways that matter.  I love being the person that can take a subject like chemistry and make it approachable and relatable. Giving an individual student that meaningful understanding of what is typically thought of as “a narrow subject you’ll never use in the real world”, something students can take out into the real world and actually use, gives me satisfaction. I also believe these experiences can help get rid of stereotypes about the subject. I truly believe any individual student would fall in love with just about any subject if they have the right instructor presenting the material to them in a way that works – for them. I strive to be that teacher.