Jennifer Schmitz

Latin and Guidance

Jennifer Schmitz


  • Purdue University, Associate Degree
  • Xavier University, Bachelor of Arts with a minor in the Classics
  • The Ohio State University, Intensive Pedagogical Institute Certificate
  • State of Ohio Resident Educator License, K-12 Social Studies & English

Teaching Philosophy

Connections! Learning Latin opens the door to key life-long skills, skills many students do not realize they are developing. Teaching Latin allows me to show students those connections in the hope they will carry, among other things, critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills with them for life. I emphasize the idea that we all acquire knowledge at different rates and stress positivity. I do not want students to feel they are “bad at Latin,” rather, like many things in life, they are “yet to understand.” It is my passion to help students see their potential in anything they pursue and navigate their world in a positive way. I love that I have been given the opportunity to help students through my years of experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

First, I love using my favorite teaching tool – individual dry erase boards. It is amazing how a small board and dry erase marker can bring out the fervor in ALL students. It allows me to communicate with my students in a less stressful situation, while giving them multiple chances to find their way to open up or discover the correct answer, often with peer support. The boards are invaluable while creating a fun atmosphere and a passion for learning. 

Second, helping students make connections to real world situations. I love to use the personal connections students have to show them how learning to play their violin, shoot a free throw or solve an algebraic equation involve many of the same skills employed when memorizing vocabulary, analyzing endings and translating Latin. Lastly, I use my knowledge of facial expressions and body language to understand what my students are thinking and feeling.  I try to help them help themselves, by gently pointing out when their words and expressions do not match.  Then teach them to use this understanding of themselves to recognize the signals they give off everyday and see those same signs in others around them to add another tool to their toolbox of lifeskills. 

Again, these projects allow me to introduce students to the deep connection they have as well as our current society, to the Romans.

My Favorite Projects

I love working with students on Roman culture projects.  These projects allow students to develop a number of key skills. In addition, I am able to encourage further discovery of the Latin language, Roman culture and history, all through a student’s own interests. I too have done my own culture projects, including a deep dive into the Roman myth Romulus and Remus, which furthered my own passion. Finally, after spending 5 weeks studying in Rome in 2017, I developed a special fondness for famous women of ancient Rome as well as some of the lesser explored topics and people. I believe these experiences allow me to tailor projects to each individual student and encourage discovery. 

I also enjoy fun activities that focus on different life skills, often in cooperative or group work situations. Presentations that give students the chance to navigate the world of both research and group work, as well as learning style activities and ACT/SAT skill building that allow students to develop skills beyond the classroom and tests. 

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I love all things ancient and I love sharing the Latin language and Roman culture with students and friends alike. During my study abroad program in 2017 I was able to gain first hand knowledge about the Roman people that furthered my desire to share this passion with students. In addition, I love to make connections with my students to ensure their learning is personal, in the hopes they will become fully invested. They see greater success and with that a larger commitment. That commitment is what keeps me coming back for more.