So what is the curriculum?

Covington Classical Academy's curriculum is rigorous and challenging, focusing on classical liberal arts. Each year, courses build on the previous foundation as students develop the skills for critical thinking. The curriculum, assembled by a group of experienced, passionate teachers, fuels curiosity and fosters the desire for life-long learning.

“We have one mission: developing a passion for learning in young minds. To succeed in today’s world, students need to learn not just as young adults, but throughout their careers. We designed the CCA curriculum, based on classical education, to build a real desire to understand.”

Kelly Kusch, Head of School

A foundation for whatever fields of study and careers our students choose.

Our curriculum represents the liberal arts education philosophy brought into the high school setting. The rapid pace of change in today’s world, ironically, makes the classical education approach of “teaching how to learn” more important than ever. We have seen countless examples of how the classical approach provides students with the foundation necessary to excel in a wide range of fields. You won’t find a curriculum like this at any other high school in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati.