Classical Education

Classical Liberal Arts

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Covington Classical Academy offers bright, curious students an opportunity to pursue a rigorous education rooted in liberal arts and the classical tradition.

A classical liberal arts curriculum returns to the basics. Students will study four years of math, Latin, English, history/social studies, and science. They will also study fine arts and oratory. This focus on the fundamentals helps students build the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s changing world. The classical liberal arts curriculum at CCA goes past surface level learning, studying, and test taking, challenging students to think deeply. We strive to promote active learning among our students so that they will graduate from CCA with a passion for learning and an ability to succeed in their future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

A 2018 research report from Sage Publication shows that more rigorous high school course work translates into better college performance.

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Rigorous learning should not be seen as something that causes students to struggle with their work. Rather, having a rigorous education at the high school level sets students up for success in college and their future careers by giving them the tools they need to succeed amongst a heavy workload and more challenging classes.