Fifth Day

We believe that a holistic education involves leaving the confines of the classroom and making the larger world our learning environment.

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On most Fridays, we have a special, all-day program we call Fifth Day. These activities fall into four categories: physical activity, STEM, arts & humanities, and service. Faculty members lead the activities, sharing their passion with the students and modeling the traits of lifelong learning. Fifth Day follows the Experiential Learning model which has been shown to make learning more relatable and lasting. While Fifth Day activities are fun, learning will be assessed in a variety of ways, from quizzes to reflective writing. Fifth Day Fridays begin at 9:00am and end at 1:00pm.

Some examples of past Fifth Days include:


BIOSE Inspecting a skull crop
  • FBI Crime Scene Investigation: Students spent the day alongside members of the Louisville FBI's Evidence Response Team. Students learned techniques for detecting blood and other specimens, lifting fingerprints, using drones to photograph a scene, and safely working with HAZMAT materials.
  • Newport Aquarium: Students visited the Newport Aquarium and studied the differences between freshwater and marine environments. The primary focus was on understanding the adaptations of aquatic organisms in relation to their environment.
  • Tree Identification: Students learned to identify trees by their bark and leaves during a hike along the Landmark Tree Trail in Tower Park.

Arts and Humanities

KL by pig landscape crop
  • Artworks Mural Walk: CCA students walked and rode the streetcar to explore over 20 murals, appreciating the art and learning about the stories and artists behind each of the images. Since 1996, ArtWorks has been transforming people and places through investments in creativity, completing more than 100 murals in 36 Cincinnati neighborhoods and seven nearby cities, including Covington.
  • Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park: Pyramid Hill is a 300+ acre sculpture park with 80+ monumental outdoor sculptures displayed in a landscape of rolling hills, meadows, lakes, and hiking trails. Students visited the museum and then hiked the park, studying the examples of ancient sculpture.
  • Irish Dance: Students began by learning about Celtic Mythology, the basis for many Irish songs and dances. After viewing videos of Irish Dance competitions, students then learned a basic jig, followed by a traditional group dance incorporating the jig.

Physical Activity

Fifth Day PE Covington Classical Academy
  • Hiking on Local Trails: Enjoying unstructured outdoor time is critical for all humans, but especially children. Students have visited local Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati parks and nature centers to hike and explore outdoors. Concepts of biology, ecology, and conservation are incorporated into these explorations.
  • Bike Workshop and Ride: Students took part in a maintenance class led by Jason Reser of Reser Bikes. After a rider-safety talk including instructions on the proper way to wear a helmet, students completed a group ride through Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Some students also learned how to ride!
  • Perfect North Ski Trip: Students took a trip to Perfect North Slopes to ski. Some students took lessons to refresh their skills while others learned how to ski for the first time.


Scholar House crop
  • Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky: Students cleaned and organized and with tasks needed to prepare the Emergency Shelter to operate for the winter season. The ESNKY works to provide shelter to homeless individuals, providing clean linens, food, work clothing, showers, housing and income support, as well as a safe place to sleep.
  • Be Concerned: Students organized the pantry and worked directly with clients, helping them shop in the free store. Be Concerned is the largest choice pantry; their mission is to assist the people of Northern Kentucky in obtaining the basic necessities for life.
  • Master Provisions: Students volunteered for the day at this non-profit agency. Master Provisions have been connecting resources and donations with the people in greatest need since 1994. This Florence, KY agency takes in donations and delivers them to the agencies working directly with people in need throughout the world. Students spent the day sorting donations to be shipped to service agencies.