History Curriculum

Why Study History?

The study of history is the study of human behavior over a period of time, in hopes of better understanding ourselves and our place in society. Through the study of history, we realize that there is a complexity of life. Students are encouraged to seek the truth, whatever that might be. Our understanding of the past allows us to have a better grasp of current times and the future because the mind is trained to make connections. We build a foundation that allows us to be better citizens of society. This should be a lifelong journey.

History is an integral part of a classical education because we study culture and western civilization through an eye that’s focused on research, analysis, logic, and critical thinking. Because we study the process of history through a classical approach, we learn to seek knowledge, think about what we found, write about it, and express what we have learned.

Students must explore and question. Students will not just focus on learning facts - acquiring skills for the sake of skills. They will learn to think independently and critically.

8th Grade

Classical Civilizations

Students will build a basic knowledge bank to serve as a foundation for studies in succeeding history courses as well as other fields. Concepts of classical civilization such as prominent figures, daily life, literature, cultural ties, and others will be explored and mastered.

9th Grade

History I - Classical and Medieval History

Study of ancient Greece and ancient Rome will be the main focus throughout the course. Features studied will be contributions of both cultures/civilizations to Western society and include such concepts as culture, government, politics, arts, and philosophy.

10th Grade

History II - Renaissance through Modern Times

Ideas and the prominent figures behind significant approaches to life and many of its institutions during these time periods will be studied and discussed. Connections to Western thought and contemporary theories will be discovered as students come to learn more about their own culture, society, and thinking.

11th Grade

US History

In this course, we will study the concepts, ideas, and events that helped to shape the United States. Prominent figures who helped to develop the United States from its beginnings to the start of the 20th century will also be encountered and explored. Influences of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on that development will also be studied and discussed.

- This course is eligible for up to 6 hours of dual credit.

12th Grade

Modern US History

We will discuss significant events, philosophical theories, and prominent figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will gain a better understanding of our country's evolving identity and values, and their role as citizens.

- This course is eligible for up to 6 hours of dual credit.