Enrichment Curriculum


Each academic day, students participate in courses focused on one of the following important academic and life skills.


Public speaking crosses every career in every discipline. Students need to be confident in presenting their ideas to others, whether that be to an individual or a crowd of thousands. When students feel confident not only in their ideas but their ability to communicate successfully to others, they gain the ability to be successful in all their endeavors and to be leaders of others. Each year, students will participate in an Oratory Contest, culminating with a TED-talk type presentation developed in their senior year.



Aesthetics is the study of and appreciation of art and beauty in all its forms. Students will study great works of art, many of which are classical in source or inspiration. Students will study and perform music, both vocal and instrumental. Students will create visual and graphic arts. One must try to create art to truly appreciate the beauty of the art and the skill of the artist. Students will study and perform dance and drama. Movement, balance, confidence, collaboration, and concentration are all developed through dance and drama.

Each year, students will rotate through Art, Music, Dance, and Drama, advancing in their skills and studies.


Study Skills

Academic success is not based on intelligence alone. Organization, work ethic, time management, and good study habits all play an important role. A weekly class focused on developing these skills aims to train students in good habits that will last a lifetime, leading students to be successful in whatever path they choose. The course will culminate in the students' final year with a senior capstone project.



Guidance aims to provide students the tools to stay healthy--physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Students learn about themselves and their relationships with others. Students actively plan for their futures. The Covington Classical Academy is a community with many caring adults to help students on their way to success.