12th Grade Curriculum

What 12th Graders Will Learn


Calculus, Probability, Statistics or Data Analysis

In the final year of study at CCA, the students have a choice to diversify their mathematical study. Choices include calculus, probability and statistics, or data analytics.


Modern US History

We will discuss significant events, philosophical theories, and prominent figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will gain a better understanding of our country's evolving identity and values, and their role as citizens.

- This course is eligible for up to 6 hours of dual credit.


Latin IV - Poetry Literature

Students focus on the poetry of Sulpicia, Catullus, and Vergil, making connections between all of the authors studied, as well as the effect on modern authors and artists. Students are well prepared for the AP Latin exam and are easily able to move into the upper levels of Latin in any college Classics department.

- This course is eligible for up to 6 hours of dual credit.
- Students will have the option of taking an elective class of Greek I or II.


Science Elective - Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Physics, Marine Biology/Zoology, or Astronomy

Students will have the opportunity to choose from several science elective courses their senior year.


Contemporary Literature

In their final year, students will focus on reading 17th century to contemporary works from writers around the world. Students will explore themes of the human condition represented across genre and region and throughout time. Building on these readings, students will write broadly, striving to develop their voice and contribute to the global conversation through fictional and non-fictional pieces. A senior thesis will be completed. Students will finalize a digital portfolio of their best writing across the curriculum.


Each academic day, students participate in courses focused on one of the following important academic and life skills.

Oratory - Persuasive Speaking

Students will focus on persuasive speaking in all its forms culminating in an original presentation in the form of a TED-talk.


Each year, students will rotate through Art, Music, Dance, and Drama, advancing in their skills and studies.

Senior Capstone

As seniors, students identify an area of particular interest or curiosity for them. They develop a proposal and seek out a faculty advisor to design and pursue an independent study leading to the completion of a capstone project. The final product can take the form of a portfolio, work of art, published piece, presentation, or other tangible outcome that showcases the students' efforts throughout the year.


Students will continue to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills. They will apply for college, weigh the merits of different programs, and fill out the FAFSA. They will begin to plan for living away from home and/or for a Gap-year experience.