Emergency Closure Plan

Procedures for Emergency School Closings

The Administrative Team has put into place protocols and a plan for a safe response to potential closures due to a pandemic or other emergency situations. Learning from the global, national, and regional response to COVID-19, we will implement this plan should it become necessary. Our utmost priority is the physical and emotional health of our students, faculty, staff, and the broader community. Guidelines by city, state, and national health officials have informed our plan which focuses on minimizing the risk of student exposure while under our care.

If a school closure becomes necessary, our learning plan will be activated with the following guidelines:

  • Student learning needs will guide our design of distance learning.
  • Parent tutorials and communications will be offered to provide parents with resources needed to assist in distance learning.
  • Technology tutorials and an IT help desk will be available to students and parents to assist in any technology challenges.
  • Different subject matter requires different levels of interaction, discussion, and feedback. Accordingly, distance learning will be designed to accommodate these different levels of interaction with some lessons occurring synchronously and some asynchronously based on the recommendation of the instructor and the administrative team.
  • The majority of all instruction materials can be transferred electronically. However, if physical materials are required, pick-up and drop-off days will be arranged following safety guidelines.
  • The instructor will determine any needed modification of materials and assessments during the period of non-traditional instruction. While individual student challenges communicated to the school will be taken into account, the overall expectation of student performance will remain high in conjunction with the mission of the Covington Classical Academy.