Is CCA right for you and your student?

We are not the right place for many students. So how can you decide if we might be the right place for you?

  1. We are great for students who do well in school in grades 3-5. Their teachers call them great students. They enjoy reading and asking parents difficult questions! Schoolwork generally comes easily for them. If they are currently in the 6th or 7th grade, you’ve noticed that they are bored in school and seem to be losing the curiosity they showed when younger.
  2. We do well with families who want their students to be challenged, to learn how to learn, and to be surrounded by other students and families who share this outlook.

If we pass these first two criteria, then consider these last three points:

  1. Learning Outside the Classroom: Research shows that learning outside the classroom produces better outcomes and flames the passion for learning. This is why we have created a unique program called Fifth Day that takes students outside of the confines of the classroom and into the real world. We also invite parents to join at Fifth Day events whenever they are able. Many schools have cut back on these opportunities. We go in the opposite direction. We are the only school in the tri-state to commit one out of five instructional days to learning outside the classroom, which is an important component of Classical Education.
  2. We have a single mission, not a dual mission. Our single mission is to develop a passion for learning in our students. There are many religious-affiliated schools in our area that have a dual mission, both academic and religious education. We are NOT anti-religious. We simply offer an alternative for families and students who want a single focus in their education and believe spiritual development is best taught in the home or in other places.
  3. Our teachers average 25+ years of experience and/or a master's degree. There are many good, new teachers. We all were in our past! We have seen, though, that in their first five to ten years of teaching, educators are discovering for themselves if they love teaching. We expect a passion for learning and teaching in our educators. Check out our faculty page and compare it to other schools. We don’t know of any other school in the tri-state that makes this commitment to providing exceptional, experienced, knowledgeable teachers.