Classical Education

Classical Liberal Arts

Covington Classical Academy offers bright, curious students an opportunity to pursue a rigorous education rooted in liberal arts and the classical tradition.

A classical liberal arts curriculum returns to the basics. Students will study four years of math, Latin, English, history/social studies, and science. They will also study fine arts and oratory. This focus on the fundamentals helps students build critical thinking.

A 2018 research report from Sage Publication shows that more rigorous high school course work translates into better college performance.

Only two years of language are required at the private and public high schools in the area and only three years of math and the sciences.

Fifth Day – Learning Outside the Classroom

Education requires leaving the classroom and learning through experience in the larger world. The general concept of learning through experience is ancient. Aristotle wrote in the Nicomachean Ethics "for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."

On most Fridays, we have a special, all-day program we call Fifth Day. These activities fall into four categories: physical activity, STEM, humanities, and service. Faculty members lead the activities, sharing their passion with the students and modeling the traits of lifelong learning.

The Fifth Day follows Dr. David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model which makes learning more relatable and leads to the development of skills for lifelong learning. While other schools have moved away from learning outside the classroom, Covington Classical Academy embraces it as an important part of a classical liberal arts education.